Common clothes moth

Name Common clothes moth Latin Tineola bisselliella Stats Body length 6 – 8 mm. Wingspan 9 – 16 mm. Appearance The upper side of the forewings is buff, nearly golden, in colour. Both pairs of wings have fringed margins. Adults are rarely seen in flight, mostly only the males, and the females after they have…

Indian meal moth

Name Indian meal moth Latin Plodia interpunctella Stats Open wing span – approx. 16 mm Appearance The forewing has a broad grey band across the bronze brown wings. In common with other moth species, wing scales are readily lost and wing pattern is therefore an unreliable characteristic for identification.

White shouldered house moth

Name White shouldered house moth Latin Endrosis sarcitrella Stats Open wing span 10 – 23 mm Appearance Readily distinguished from other stored product moths by the covering of white scales on the head and thorax. The shining buff upper side of the forewing is speckled with dark brown.

Warehouse moth

Name Warehouse moth Latin Ephestia elutella Stats Wing span 12 – 18 mm Appearance The adult is a greyish moth with a pattern of two obscure bands across the forewings. The mature larva is 10 – 15 mm long and is creamy white with a brown head capsule and brown body markings. There are three…

Case-bearing clothes moth

Name Case-bearing clothes mot Latin Tinea pellionella Stats Body length 3.5 and 4 mm. Wingspan 10 – 15 mm. Appearance The upper side of the forewings is pale brown with three darker spots on the wings. Both pairs of wings have fringed margins. The larva has the habit of carrying a silken tube and often…