Mark Ward

Product Development Specialist
BSc (Hons)

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, both in terms of front line service provision and also in management roles. Mark’s main roles at Killgerm are to evaluate and develop new products for the pest control industry and to offer technical support to customers.

Lisa Jaggar


Lisa is the Administrator for the Technical Department. Lisa assists with training course coordination, administration of the insect identification service and field enquiries relating to Killgerm Training.

Lisa Wales

Training Co-ordinator

As training co-ordinator Lisa is responsible for providing administrative support to the technical service. Lisa is the principal contact for the organisation of training courses and seminars.

Stephen Leahy

Regulatory Affairs Chemist

Stephen manages the Waste Transfer station at Killgerm. In addition, Stephen looks after other regulatory matters.

Philip Dalgliesh

Company Chemist

Philip is Killgerm’s company chemist and quality manager, involved in formulating pesticides and dealing with regulators. He is also responsible for Killgerm’s waste disposal scheme and is the company’s health and safety expert. Philip is also a qualified NVQ assessor and verifier.

Jonathan Binge

BSc(Hons), FRES Entomologist

Jonathan is Killgerm’s entomologist carrying out over 3000 insect identifications a year from his own laboratory. He provides detailed reports on any specimen identified including the significance of it as a pest and recommendations on control procedures.

Alastair Fernie
Alastair Fernie

Bird Control Specialist

Alastair has 24 years of valuable experience within the industry and has a wide knowledge and experience of all aspects of bird control, including quoting for work, safe use of air weapons, bird proofing and guano removal.

Melvin Knapp

Technical Manager (South)

Melvin’s main role is to deliver training courses in pest control best practice, following the Killgerm templates, within the South of England. In addition he offers technical advice to customers and carries out technical audits.

Avril Turner

Technical Manager
BSc (Hons), FRSPH

Avril’s background as pest control technician, field biologist and technical consultant provides an ideal platform for her to deliver training and in-depth inspections. Avril has a wealth of experience from over 14 years in the industry and her involvement in a wide variety of sites and premises, covering all aspects of pest control and pest…

Mark Butler

Company Biologist
BSc. (Hons), FRSPH

Mark brings to the department a valuable 36 years of experience within the industry having previously occupied a variety of roles in operations, operational management, quality assurance, technical support and training. During his 10 years with Killgerm, Mark has been instrumental in developing Killgerm’s training courses.